Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance and Remodeling ServicesYou already have a WordPress website that you like but it needs new content, updates or a new look? It is just a tiny website maintenance project and yet your developer has been unresponsive? Look no further – I am happy to take on the task of maintaining or redesigning your current WordPress website.

It seems to be happening to a lot of businesses: They have a functioning WordPress website that has been set up for them many months ago, and now it needs maintenance, like all websites do. Website maintenance means software updates to ensure security, compatibility and funtionality. The content may also need updating, and perhaps even an entire new look is in order. But then the person who developed the site has gone missing and the company is stuck with a malfunctioning and obsolete website. But no worries, I’ve got you covered. No website maintenance or redesign project is too small. I will make an assessment of your current site and implement the changes you would like to make. Contact me today for a free consultation.

You have a website that is in dire need of replacement? I also offer comprehensive website development services. Get a WordPress website that reflects exactly who you are and what you do.